Big Flat – Visitor for a day

by Russell on April 12, 2011

Having listened to Bob’s childhood stories of Big Flat, I wanted to see the area for myself. It was time for a break and Bob & Ruth wanted to make the trip as well, so we combined forces and made the day trip down 199, then left onto 427, South Fork Rd. The weather blessed us as there was reported to be an 80% chance of rain.
Virtually all landmarks have vanished over the years so it was good to have Bob’s sharp memory to point out the spots.
We found the airfield from “Queen for a day”, the Wilson’s field where Bob raced and then accidently killed their bull. The picture to the left shows the actual field. It may be nearly eighty years later, but the current bull in the field seemed to know who Bob was. We found the spot where the unknown town of Hurdy Gurdy once stood. If you know where to look you can still see the tailings and settling ponds for the old mine.
 It was great to be able to visualise some of the spots we hear so vividly in Bob’s stories. There’s even a nice little campground nearby, unfortunately closed at present. But I can see myself back there in a few weeks when it IS open, enjoying the sounds of Hurdy Gurdy creek and the clear air.

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