Bit of a rant

by roadrunnernz on March 10, 2011

The first time I came to the USA, I had a great time. Saw great sights. Met wonderful people.

The second trip has been an eye opener. I’ve been exposed to the other side of life in the states.
I’ve been …
 threatened with a knife
 had money and property stolen twice
 been abused and threatened – TODAY.

What did I do to merit this verbal attack. I went for a walk. Seems a simple enough task. Put on a rain coat and take a walk down the road to the nearby country store. Yes. This didn’t even happen in a stressed out city. It happened in the laid back countryside. So what actually happened?

I was a 1/4 of the way to my destination when a dog appeared from nowhere and insisted on following me. Whose dog? Where did it come from? I had no idea. I completed my stop in the store and started to head back. A vehicle pulled up and the language commenced. Owner of said dog was not a happy chap his dog had followed me. I said virtually nothing, thinking he was just venting. He said “dont eat that” to the dog who was now in his MPV. I chuckled at the dogs behaviour. “Dont laugh at me you mother f…er” and so it went. I kept walking, he kept spewing.

Now I’m a relaxed, reasonable person. But there are times when even I would like to wrap a large piece of timber around someones head. What is your issue. To the man with the dog named Reuben, theres the door, second word if “off”.

It’s people like him who make me wonder what would make people want to visit the USA.
There. I’m done.

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Peter March 14, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Really hard to get your head around what makes people like that tick Russell …..
Seems the world all over is made up of a mix of folk who are caring and giving & then there are the other kind like you encountered.

Mostly we come across generally nice people and when we encounter the other kind, it is hard to take onboard …. brings out the ‘retribution’ side of us.

In the end, this guy was just an asshole and even though he has made you grumpy, he is still an asshole and will stay that way.

Your problem is you encountered him, but the upside is you don’t have to see him again ….. his problem is, he’s always going to have a chip on his shoulder and he aint never going to enjoy the better side of life with people that you do.

Hope tomorrow is better for you.


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