The Winds of Change

by Russell on September 19, 2011

About four to five days ago, after enduring sweltering heat since my return to the USA, I noticed for the first time a breeze blowing through the farm. A very welcome breeze. And I distinctly recall thinking – “is this the end of summer?”

An interesting thought, especially when you consider that since that day, temperatures have, on average, been 5-10C cooler. I can actually sleep at night. Afternoon temps. are such I can work outside without risking heat stroke.

So. Is this it? Has Autumn arrived? I hope it wasn’t my random thought that day that did it. Chaos theory in action.  🙂

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Kate September 19, 2011 at 5:03 pm

I just wish the “winds of change” would blow away these pesky flies!


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