Psychics more believable …

by Russell on December 6, 2011

Kath WeldonPsychics were once viewed as witches and burned at the stake. But the findings of a new study show perceptions of them have improved considerably over the centuries.

So begin’s the national newspaper story posted on Why am I so interested? The newspaper interviewed my friend and teacher, Kath Weldon, minister of the Wellington Spiritualist Church (pic). I was taken by the coincidence of it all. I’ve spoken of coincidences before.

The book I just finished writing “The Watchers” had strong elements of the paranormal, but not as strong as the one I just started. I can’t tell you too much about it yet, the idea is still a fragile chrysalis. Suffice it to say, it centres around a clairvoyant woman and her family, the kids descent into the abyss of madness, and a battle for their souls.

I rang Kath and had a quick chat and she recounted a funny story. The photographer arrived carrying all sorts of top line gear. Kath quipped it probably wouldn’t work because of the energy around her. She was right. He had to return to his car and get another camera. Once the session finished, the first camera started working again.

Kath has helped me on my spiritual journey and taught me to Reiki master level. Having spent a fair bit of time around her it didn’t surprise me one bit.

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