*Coming Soon* “The Watchers”

by Russell on March 27, 2012

I can finally report on the progress of my winter hermitage. My second book, “The Watchers”, started early November, is in third draft and goes to the proofreader at the end of the month. I submit a tentative cover and the back cover info.

watchers_webcoverTHE WATCHERS

75,000 words
260 pages +/-Two inter-dimensional beings seek the same dangerous, experimental device, a vortex generator that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of time and space.
For The Watchers most experienced agent, Gaia Hassani, the mission is simple; take human form to destroy the device by any means necessary, and erase all knowledge of its existence, now and in the future.

Her foe, Terra, covets the device for her own sinister ends, and will use the most rigorous methods to attain it. Her vision for the device is as lethal and final as anything ever encountered by mankind.

Gaia quickly discovers Terra is by far the most powerful and dangerous adversary she has ever faced. Even Gaia’s unique para-normal abilities, and the love and assistance of the inventor of the device, Bartholomew Cooksley, prove wanting against Terra in a deadly race across time to prevent the end of all life as we know it.

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