*Coming soon* “Hitmail dot com”

by Russell on April 3, 2012

My intention when I came to wintery Prince Geroge, BC, was to write TWO books.
As of this morning, I completed the first draft of “Hitmail dot com”. The quick details follow.
Hitmail dot comHITMAIL DOT COM
1st draft 132,000 words
450 pages
When Maddi Wallace is frightened by a phantom at the age of nine, her parents hope she’ll forget the incident.

Thirty years later, someone, or something is taking control of the worlds teenagers, driving them to acts of violence and suicide. Asked to help counsel the kids at her school, psychically gifted Maddi gets caught up in the mystery as the controlling force tries to kill her. Maddi would rather run and hide but her own children display symptoms and an unknown entity continues to pursue her.

Maddi discovers the governments of the world have labeled the problem Pandora following the arrival of dashing FBI agent Quinn Larson. An attraction develops between the two, but can she trust Quinn or the government?

Every clue leads Maddi deeper into danger as she stumbles upon the source of the infection. The trail leads to questionable relics, hidden caves, ancient Indian legends and mythical beings. The very cosmos seems to conspire to aid Maddi, but with dark forces gathering to destroy her, is it enough?

Maddi must call on untapped psychic and physical powers to confront the demons of her past. She will risk her very soul to save the human race from a malevolent force bent on subjugating humankind, and returning the world to the dark ages.

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