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by Russell on May 10, 2012

It’s been a busy few weeks. In short –

Finally made my way out of the winter cold of BC, back into the USA. Almost didn’t make it after the border crossing from hell.
Changed tickets – return to New Zealand early October
New cover for ‘Tough Justice’
Cover being designed for ‘The Watchers’
‘The Watchers’ is out to agents and being formatted for eBook and paperback.
‘Hitmail dot com’ is half way through its third draft.

That border crossing. Best not to start me on that. Struck the Homeland Security officer from hell.

Air New Zealand let me change my return tickets. I decided to push the return date out when I realised my I94 (entry document) was stamped ’til my birthday in October, so a few phone calls and a small penalty later, I’d added two months to my stay. I’ll need the extra time.

After running into a snag with the original cover of ‘Tough Justice’, I have finally designed a new one that has no problems with copyright. Once I’ve completed a fresh edit of the book it will finally be available as a paperback from Amazon.

‘The Watchers’, my paranormal/scifi, is on offer to agents. I send a few more queries out most days. In the meantime, I have the cover design out to a ‘global’ group for design, so I have something ready for eBook and paperback if the agents don’t pull their fingers out.

‘Hitmail dot com’, my paranormal/horror. Hmmm. I’ve been told it doesn’t quite qualify as a horror as there is not enough blood and guts. So maybe it’s a thriller. time will tell. Anyhoooo, Hitmail is in it’s third draft. The plan is to have it ready for agents/publishing in about two months. So, no pressure there then.

The Buick. Unfortunately, it’s way behind schedule at the body shop. They promise to have the body prep work done in three months, but there’s no way they can get it painted before I come home. I’m going to use the other two months to – fit the new ST400 transmission, posi diff, ported quadradet manifold, roller tipped rockers, rear sway bar, hitch, custom dash (my design – god help us all) stereo, dynamax the floor, etc and install a modern A/C system. Oh, and sort and pack all the parts and chrome I want to ship home with the car. Not to mention tools, man they’re cheap here. I figure I’m paying to ship the car, might as well fill it up. Kiwi friends …. anything you need?

In the mix there somewhere, I’ll probably be working on the fourth book by October. Such fun.

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Cynthia May 10, 2012 at 5:07 pm

You’re always so productive!


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