The Longest Day

by Russell on October 7, 2012

So begins ‘The Longest Day’, my name for the 30+ hours it will take to get from Williams, Oregon, USA back to my home country of New Zealand. You may have noticed I didn’t say ‘hometown’; that’s because I don’t quite know where home is anymore. Since I began this journey five years ago I’ve become a little like a piece of wood in a river, following the tide and flow, yet still able to choose which bank or tributary I wash up on for the night, or week, or month.
This tide is taking me back to New Zealand for reasons yet to be determined. It is a case of having to leave the USA, not wanting to leave. My Visa has expired, as has my NZ drivers license. Money has run out and I can’t work here. So back to NZ it is, to recoup, save some money, catch up with friends and write another book, my 4th. Maybe I need to be in NZ to write this one; it’s a piece of Historical Fiction pulling together different parts of US history in a way never attempted before. My winter in Canada taught me I need peace and quiet and seclusion to write well, and NZ should provide some of that.
For now, it’s a two-hour stopover in Portland, Oregon, then on the San Francisco for a five-hour layover. Then the long haul to Auckland, New Zealand and a final short hop to Wellington. 30+ hours. Ouch. At least I now have somewhere to stay, not something I had a few days ago. That’s another story for another post.
The four years since I left my job at Ministry of Justice have been a blast. I’ve seen 56,000 miles worth of the USA, Canada and Alaska and written three books. I arrive back in New Zealand on 9 October, my 55th birthday. It’s taken me most of my life to find a career I truly love. I sold my home and went broke in the meantime, but I’ve never been happier. At least I found my thing in life, so many of us don’t.

Goodbye for now to all my new friends in the USA. Thank you for your support, help, guidance and friendship. I’ll be back.

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