Cheesemaking 101 – Feta

by Russell on March 17, 2013

Saturday finally rolled around, enabling me to put into practice the skills learned at last weekends cheesemaking workshop.

The week had dragged by but allowed time to collect the myriad small and large items needed to carry out the simple but carefully choreographed task of cheesemaking.

 The end result was three 500gram (1lb) blocks of creamy deliciousness.

 I photographed the process and made the adventure available here.

 That left most of sunday free to make bread, using some of the left over whey from the cheesemaking to replace the water content. As I write this the two loaves are rising, soon to be placed in the oven for ritual incineration. I can’t wait to try that first crunchy crust … yummmmm.


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