Is there any hope for the human race?

by Russell on October 11, 2013

I thought I could never be amazed by human behaviour – but once again they have surpassed even my low expectations.

I have a number of gripes; some that border on pet peeves. I’ll start with the one that broke this camels back, a story I read in this mornings news that spoke to the arrogance and self-serving of some Americans. These people have taken to buying accessories for their dogs so they can claim their pets are ‘service dogs’ and take them into shops and restaurants. It’s a federal offense to stop the user of a genuine service dog from entering these establishments but this group of faking miscreants have decided they deserve the same consideration. I say it now – you’re a pack of pampered, self-serving assholes.

Next on  my list – abject laziness. I’m talking about the people, in Wellington, New Zealand, who go out of their way to dump their rubbish anywhere but the proper locations. I see their detritus as I walk the short distance to the local supermarket. Bags of rubbish thrown in the bushes surrounding the Countdown, discarded pairs of shoes and bags of bottles dumped in the treed beautification spots on street corners and my personal favourite, or should that be loathing, the person who casually opened their car door and dropped a bag of rubbish on the ground outside the Warehouse and then drove away. I say it again – assholes.

Finally, the lazy pricks who park in handicapped and ‘children aboard’ carparks. Time and time again I see these lazy pigs. I’m tempted to lurk around the parking area at the nearby Pak n Save and place rude notices on their windshields when they take these parks reserved for people who actually have disabilities or children with them, who now have to circle the parking area a dozen times to find another park. Perhaps you, the reader of my little rant, could suggest some appropriate wording. Something other than the word I intend to finish the note with – assholes.

Is there any hope for the human race?

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