Why is it …?

by Russell on March 20, 2019

Something that bugs me – why is it whenever anyone talks about ‘past life’ experiences they always claim to have been an Indian Chief, Pharaoh, great painter or the like. Did no one have an experience as someone who starved, was killed brutally, lived on mean street, or was a slave?
In things spiritual I would have thought a hard, disadvantaged life would have been a greater soul lesson than a life of privilege or fame. So, does that mean there’s the equivalent of white supremacy in other realms? Wow. Smacks of spiritual elitism.
What made me think of this was listening to a meditation facilitator recently, parroting from a book of channeled wisdom. Sigh. I’m just here for the meditation. The facilitator was talking about Ascended Masters and reading off their recent past lives before ascension. Yeah, you guessed it, all lives of high privilege. Over several weeks I’d listened to how each and every one of these ‘masters’ had been someone of high standing in Atlantis – really – all of them? But what got my attention was the claim to have worked on the design and building of the Statue of Liberty. Wow, cool, I heard someone say. Um … did you all miss the bit where that master supposedly ascended in 1588. And the Statue started construction in 1875. How does that work? 🤨

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