The road ahead?

by Russell on April 10, 2019

Starting with my first trip to the USA in 2008 I have been left with the indelible impression that the universe at large wishes me to complete the task of writing a fictionalized version of one of the of the last great Indian wars, a book I have now titled ‘Killing Coyote’. Every now and then, when I begin to waver or question the project, I begin to randomly see the numbers 1:11 or more often 11:11. This is the universes way of reminding me I am on the right path. Sometimes the message is less than subtle; yesterday I fed in the GPS location of Old US95, a hard to find torturous road that leads to Whitebird Battlefield – arrival time 11:11. Today I set up to go to Kamiah, arrival time 11:11. I ran late because of photo opportunities but just happened to glance at the clock at one stop – yep – 11:11. Some days you just have to believe.

And on the subject of 1’s – the next two mornings we are expecting 1C temps, and final morning -1C and snow. Hell!

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