How to lose weight without dieting

by roadrunnernz on June 16, 2020

Some time back I started boycotting Nestle (one of the largest bottled water seller in the world) products after their CEO stated “drinking water was not a basic human right”. So I had to eat humble pie after my surgeon told me I had to lose 31kg before he would do some surgery on me and he put me on Nestle Optifast as two meal replacements a day with one full meal a day. Fast forward 6 weeks and I’m 12kg lighter and not had so much energy for a long, long time.  Not missing any of my old naughty snacks and eating better than – well I can’t remember since when. I have found than if I do have too many carbs in a meal my energy levels crash, and I hate how that makes me feel. I never realised how much it affected me. After weeks of super high energy I was reminded how much I despised that feeling and made me feel like the ‘old’ me.  To infinity and beyond.

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