The Angel’s Share

by roadrunnernz on June 20, 2020

The universe has a perverse sense of humour. Let me explain.

On two occasions recently the universe has in some way assisted me to buy and sell items only to take what I call ‘the angel’s share’ of the deal.

Item 1. I was bidding on a stereo unit for my massage room, had an $80 bid down and forgot the auction was finishing. Low and behold someone did to me what I do to so many others; a buyer sniped me for a $1 and won then stereo. &@#%$#. A day later another stereo, exact same model , in better condition, pops up on Facebook for $50 and I swooped as only a swoopy thing can. Mine. Mine. Mine. I collected it next morning from a local Embassy and the thing even smelt good. Great deal. I get it home and … no power cord. Sigh. Only cost $8 for a cord but you get the idea.

Item 2. First person to look at my ‘for sale’ Corolla buys it for what I wanted. Woohoo. Next day my daily runner car spits out its battery. WTF. New battery time.

As I said, a perverse sense of humour. The universe helped out but wanted its share, I’m calling it GST, Gods Service Tax, or The Angel’s Share. What can you do but say thanks for services rendered.

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Neville June 22, 2020 at 11:43 am

Excellent .. love your writings. I always thought it was just Kama, but now I have a different perspective. Thank you


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