Russell is a New Zealand resident currently touring
the western USA in a small motorhome.

 “Tough Justice 1 – Seeds of Doom” is my debut novel.
This book used eight years experience working for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice
as a background for a story of love, obsession, violence and kidnapping.
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Other Fiction work underway.
Other novels in the works
Thriller – “Saving Jessica” (outlined)
SciFi – “The Watchers” (first draft completed)
Thriller – “Tough Justice 2 – Puppetmaster” (10%)
Thriller – “Tough Justice 3 – Final Reckoning” (outlined)

Non-Fiction work underway.
Working title “North America in the slow lane”
A  journey of discovery.

This book will cover my 36,000 mile road trip, driving to Alaska and Florida, the low of Death Valley to over 10,000 feet and the spiritual journey that set me on this journey. Will include the best of the 9,000 odd photos taken.
All the photos are viewable in the archives on my website

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Nick McLellan-Scavuzzo July 16, 2013 at 9:42 pm

Hi Russell,
I must admit we have never met. However, you did meet my wife a few months ago at a Wellington spiritual church. She came home that evening telling me all about the discussion you and her had about writing and being a writer. I have aspirations of being a writer myself, although I struggle with confidence as I have never had any creative writing qualifications or, to be honest, experience. I have thought about popping along to a writers group but my insecurities and lack of technical knowledge have always got the better of me. I thought I would get in touch and hopefully swap a few thoughts on writing. If you’re not too busy, it would be good to discuss my hobby with a like-minded individual. Please feel free to contact me via email if you get the opportunity.

Kind Regards



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