Tough Justice 2 – Puppetmaster (15% complete)

Someone is killing local business owners with ruthless, professional efficiency. Police investigations reveal clues that are more puzzling than helpful.

Having rescued his fiancé, Emma, from the clutches of the Mongols Motorcycle club, Iain tries to return to a
normal life. But with blood on his hands, things will never be the same.

Dealt a serious blow, the Mongols are rebuilding. Younger members are promoted and old blood returns to bolster their dangerous image. A malevolent figure seeks total control of the gang. The gang faces vicious infighting that pulls them in different directions.

The Police, after weeding out the traitors in their ranks, begin a campaign to end the wounded Mongols.

Iain is drawn into the intrigue when wisps of information lead him to a trail of secrets that link the club to the killings. His digging threatens the Mongols existence, once more thrusting him into the path of the deadly gang, forcing an even more ruthless enemy from the shadows.
Genre: Thriller

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